02 - 6 - 2018

Lyn - Fashion Graduate (Image and haircut: Jimo Salako @salakolondon)

We live much of our lives online. Food, everyday items, luxury items, holidays, dates and services can all be got with a keyboard, monitor and mouse.

The internet is a wonderful thing and has transformed our experience of living, loving, communicating, organizing and accessing.  Want to know where the best restaurant in Tirana is? You can Google that. How far away is the moon from earth: ditto. I’d like to order a dress from a designer in New York but I live in Shanghai. Enter a web address and in a few short clicks it’s yours.

Inevitably, all of these online explorations impact on our tangible lives. As if by magic, these virtual happenings are translated into physical reality. How we discover this reality is often through touch. Tactility is an important way for us to understand the world, and we use our fingers and skin to decipher the texture and form of an object.

When we move our fingers through hair, we can discern whether it is short, curly, straight, oily or dry. These qualities dictate how hair sits on the head, what kind of cut is best suited to it and which products should be used. Of course, products can be ordered online but as yet, it’s not possible to get your hair cut in the digital realm. For that, you need to email: studio@salakolondon.com to book your IRL experience.


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