22 - 10 - 2018

The sphere is a shape that is repeated throughout nature: from the planets, to an egg and a pebble. When created by sculptors, the sphere is the epitome of skill. Taking a rough-hewn hunk of marble or wood, the mass must be carved, moulded, sanded or bent to become a smooth ovoid. A round orb fashioned from natural material is the result of hours of handwork, sometimes years of practice and a huge amount of dedication.

Constantin Brancusi - Mademoiselle Pogany I (1912-1913) Centre Pompidou

Constantin Brancusi was one of the pioneers of modern sculpture who decreed that "What is real is not the external form but the essence of things". In work such as Mademoiselle Pogany - a form that he revisited many times in various materials, he explored this theory, reducing physical features to their most basic lines. Mme. Pogany recalled that, when sitting for him, he would create a bust, only to throw it back into the boxful of clay he was working from, continually reworking until he was happy with the result.

Constantin Brancusi - Mlle Pogany I

Constantin Brancusi - Mlle Pogany I (1913) Speed Art Museum

Jimo created this cut and style, which has echoes of Brancusi's forms, using SALAKO matte clay which can be used to sculpt the hair, giving definition and  hold, alongside SALAKO milk to moisturise and protect. To make an appointment with Jimo, please email: studio@salakolondon.com