07 - 4 - 2013

Simon Porte Jacquemus (JACQUEMUS), the young French fashion designer was ahead of the curve when he presented key looks for his Hiver 2012 collection: L'Usine, based around an exposed torso, cutting tops to just below the bust line and constructing them from boiled wool (as a concession to warmth perhaps?). 

The unique combination created a look of contrasting sexiness and utilitarianism, which the short film, directed by frequent collaborator Bertrand Le Pluard, epitomises.

The film mirrors his inspiration for the collection which centred on tops and skirts as a quotidian uniform. The models are pictured working at a factory and the banality of repetitive work which has a certain kind of beauty. 

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More recent examples of Jacquemus' work can be seen at:


04 - 4 - 2013

Swedish duo The Knife have just released their new album 'Shaking the Habitual'. They have always toyed with ideas around identity and disguise is a strong visual element of their performance - often appearing in wigs and masks which add to the otherworldly nature of their music.

In this image, the brother and sister Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer play with notions around gender, with both appearing in hyper-real wigs and neo-glam costumes. 

It brings to mind this colour saturated photograph by Guy Bourdin: the contrast of bright, synthetic materials heightened by the natural setting.

The Knife is a perfect aural accompaniment to Guy Bourdin's images. You can hear their music HERE and look at more Guy Bourdin photographs HERE.


02 - 4 - 2013

A recent visit to Wakehurst Place, on an unseasonably mild bright day and the wonderful topiary in the walled gardens caught our eye.


Spilling out of the brick-lined main garden and also creating green walled spaces inside, the hedges were at their best in the low winter light.

Topiary has been described as the creation of 'living sculpture' - in fact, one of the top topiary practitioners in the UK, Jake Hobson, is a sculpture graduate from the Slade. Cutting living plants is a refined skill using a variety of hand tools (some of the best are imported from Japan and are beautiful objects in their own right).

It is an art which relies on patience and a steady hand. A little like hairdressing.

Wakehurst Place is the home of the Millennium Seedbank, a globally-important project to research and preserve a diverse array of seeds from across the world with the intention of not only saving wild plant varieties for the future but also with the hope of unlocking some of the many secrets of plants for formulations used in health and well-being. Currently, 10% of the world's wild plant species are held at the site. You can find out more and support the project HERE

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02 - 4 - 2013

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