04 - 2 - 2016

© Ross McNeill

2016 has started with an extraordinary display by Nature. Clouds with a mother-of-pearl shimmer have been sighted drifting across the sky in Britain. A rare occurrence, nacreous clouds form when the stratosphere drops to polar temperatures to create a visually spectacular show similar to the Northern Lights. 

Their colours however, are far from the rainbow, after which they are sometimes eponymously named. Although similarly-hued, with flashes of orange and yellow, they mainly take on the cooler end of the colour spectrum: purples, violets and soft toned pinks. Their overall look is nuanced, rather than clearly defined.

Nuance derives from the French for cloud: le nuage, 'to cloud' - to soften the edges and allow for a slippage between real and non-real. 

 © Jimo Salako

In hair colour, the skill involved in creating nuance is in using pigment to achieve an effect where both natural hair colour and applied hair colour blend to create a subtle difference in tonal range.

The results are no less stunning than the Winter sky.

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