08 - 6 - 2015

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of interest and content based around DIY culture (we don't mean putting shelves up or grouting tiles at the weekend). 'Normal' people have accrued thousands, sometimes millions, of followers on various social media sites to share tips on how they make up, style or coiff themselves.

This democratic revolution is something to be applauded as a shift away from content supplied from on high through the usual channels of big broadcasters, brands and publications.

This trend is evidenced in the world of art and culture too: we are all curators now and could even produce a record from our bedroom too, if so inclined.

And yet, the internet sensations followed throughout the world have distinctive voices. Not everyone can make a 'how to' tutorial absorbing, informative and entertaining. We endorse the refreshing, 'can do' mentality behind many of these homemade videos.

At SALAKO we are not averse to a self-cut fringe or home colour and are happy to rescue any casualties who might have taken on the DIY attitude with too much fervour. We are also champions of real women, to which our portraits attest. Our authenticity has not gone unnoticed, as our recent review by Harper's Bazaar describing SALAKO as a comfortable space with a 'chic, intelligent aesthetic'.

Here's to individuality and self expression, wherever it finds an outlet.

All images (c) Jimo Salako