24 - 4 - 2014

Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen produces beautifully intricate pieces made from paper, leather and metal. Using a scalpel, she traces the patterns freehand – the whole process is focussed, transcendental, even. Hence the title of her upcoming show: ‘Meditation, Scalpels & Shotguns’ opening at the Ivy Brown Gallery, 675 Hudson Street, 4th Floor, NYC 10014 on May 8th.

Her use of contrasting colours and layers of paper produces stunning op art effects, reminiscent of the sculptural work of Naum Gabo. However, this considered approach to creating her work is subverted by Gregory-Gruen herself when certain pieces are selected to form part of her ‘Shotgun’ series.

Their perfection is blasted apart by the artist, using a rifle at close range to inflict ‘wounds’ on the images’ surface. Rather than being interpreted as a nihilistic act, this treatment reveals the multi layers of the images, creating more organic textures and exposing the viewer to a new interpretation of the intact ‘Cut-Work’ series.

The Ivy Brown Gallery is host to an eclectic, evolving selection of artists selected by the gallerist whose supportive and collaborative approach to art is evident in her opening up her home to artists and visitors alike. Do go and see if you are heading to the Meatpacking District (Gregory-Gruen’s show ends June 9th 2014).

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All images (c) Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen