Chop (growing your own way)

14 - 6 - 2016
Getting a haircut is a bold thing to do. A statement of intent. A new look. It is transitory and life changing.

A cut with skilfully constructed architecture will grow into various hairstyles, all retaining the essence of the original chop. 

Jimo specialises in creating this with a distinctive technique - building foundations within the hair to avoid that awkward in-between stage of growing out a haircut. 


If you decide to keep your new, shorter more gamine look, then regular appointments will ensure that it retains a fresh feel.

 Jimo's skill lies in knowing when to put the scissors down to impose a barely imperceptible shape to the hair. No need to fear over-cutting here.


So, if you do decide to go for the chop you can do so in the knowledge that whichever way you choose to go/grow post-cut, your hair will always be looking good.

Contact studio@salakolondon for your hair cut