Changing Nature

12 - 11 - 2017

Nature and landscape have been a huge influence on Jimo’s approach to hair styling, from the textural sculptures created in his session work to his consideration of how hair sits, falls and moves.  Treating hair as a material is an integral part of Jimo’s hair cutting and styling process.

For the past twenty years, Jimo has been developing and exploring the theme of hair and its relationship to nature, through a series of artworks which feature both natural and man-made forms. From the repetition found in a flint wall, its bonds made stronger by the placing of stones in precise lines, echoing the keratin structure of hair; to a mass of foliage, which finds parallels in the weight of a haircut, its multiple layers supporting each other: a literal interpretation of ‘undergrowth’. 

Portraits taken outside use the elements to create an image – sunlight highlights different densities and textures and the wind styles the hair according to its will.

It is not just natural forms which find their way into Jimo’s work – a tube escalator’s fine ridges reflect strands of hair lying flat next to each other. A steel bridge reminds us of the structures that are present in hair, with thicker sections interspersed with thinner, single hairs.

These landscape images represent a shift from Jimo being based in one space to many. Alongside this new-found creative freedom, there will be an expansion into art/education and pop-up events. Jimo is available by appointment at the new Atelier Theory space at 85 George St., London W1U 8AQ - bookings via

 Instagram: @salakolondon

All images: (c) Jimo Salako