Artisanal Hair

21 - 1 - 2015

Jimo started the New Year with a collaboration. Danish filmmakers, BlackBird ( created A Moment with Jimo Salako as part of their ‘A Moment With’ series, which focuses on people who are masters of their craft.

Inspired by Jimo’s intuitive approach to hair cutting, the Blackbird team approached him as a subject for their evocative film, which captures the essence of Jimo and the SALAKO space.

Shot on a wintry Sunday afternoon, with natural light pouring into the studio, the film shows Jimo at work doing what he does best: cutting hair in a naturalistic, free-flowing style. 

With just a comb and pair of scissors, Jimo created a textured, choppy long bob. 

Using his fingers to create movement in the hair, his technique of hand-drying whilst cutting ensured that the style was finished with minimum effort but a whole lot of expertise.

The final style is reminiscent of European films from the 1960s, which are Jimo’s go-to reference when creating hair moods.

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